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Elijah Kane Chong, Artist

The  mission of the Artist is to communicate. Communication is the successful transference of information and is only made possible through the universal language of elemental symbols. To properly communicate, the artist comes to understand the language of the universe through experiencing occurrences in time and endeavors to rework this passing information into his own understanding and voice. In this way, the artist is a machine of biological complexity, capable of reflecting, projecting, translating, rotating, skewing, inverting, and filtering his environment.

The material through which the Artist works are the Elements of Design, the point, the line, color. The tools through which the artist works are the forces behind the three Aspects of Being bound by the Mortal Coil, The Body, The Mind, and the Spirit. These forces are the Will, the Imagination, and the Intent of the Artist. The intention of the Artist is to utilize the creative process as a spiritual vehicle for seeking and exploring the Great Mystery.

The process of the artist is holotropic, through which the Artist transmutes his environment into an objective artifact through recursive ritual, for only an artifact that has as an element of its own composition an instance of itself can truly be a microcosm of its environment. In this way, all elements are indicative of each other, as they all contain each other within their own relative definition. They are all part of the same instance and find themselves in relation to each other through synchronicity. Artifactual elements connect at the quantum level, and this invokes within the viewer a nuanced but radiant and harmonious vibrancy. Then, the viewer too becomes an elemental and critical part of the artifact and will find themselves woven into its manifold.

The Artist knows not to get stuck, but to progress through Exploration of the Mystery. Time is Space unfolding, and the Artifact unfolds Truth. 

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