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Immersive Works: Murals, Installations, and other Miscellany

2010 Ratha Yatra/ Festival of India, New Orleans, LA.

Four panels make up an 8'x24' stage backdrop

The Portal Room, The Portal Show, New Orleans, LA, Oct. 2012

Over the course of a year, the artist completely covered all four walls and parts of the ceiling of painter Martin Benson's studio back room, creating a completely immersive environment which puts to practice the holographic principle of an emerging universe. 

Mothaship Mural Wall, The Mothaship, New Orleans, LA

Contributions to the Mothaship Murals at the Mothaship, collaborative efforts for the collective exhibition center. 

Live Art Battle, Hyph3n Art Gallry, New Orleans, LA

Live art auction for the opening of Hyph3n Art Gallery. Collaborative effort with Mothaship members Sean Self, Ashley Beach, and Sean Hernandez.

Concrescent Morphogenisis, Meow Wolf Art Complex, Santa Fe, NM

Painted live in under a week 

The Seated Stance, CRUSH Street Art Festival, RHiNO, Denver, CO

Painted live in under a week during the 2017 CRUSH Street Art Festival

Born Within Their Natal Cloud, Cherry Creek Trail, Denver, CO

Commisioned by Denver Urban Arts Fund, 2019

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