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PreFormative Phase (2003-07)

Includes early works inspired by the philosophy of the Abstract Expressionists. The artist experiments with method, utilizing automatic and gestural movement combined with staining application. The works thematically explore the abstract realms of premordial creation, the connection between myth and psychology, the processeses of life and death, and the immediacy of experience. This phase is decidedly marked by a loose dissolutioned style indicative of the potential innately hidden within chaos, and thus ends as the artist begins to include objective phenomenon within his works.

Formative Phase (2007-10)

The Formative Phase is marked by the manifestation of the the objective and symbolic out of the murky waters of the expressive. In the early works of this phase appear manifolds of automatically generated scripts, a sort of uncovered internal dialogue, and thus marks the beginning of the artist's interest in the Symbolic. Indeed, the content of this phase is the Symbol, as the form remains Holographic. Layers upon layers of symbolic form emerge and reveal the hidden depths of the subconscious while building a common bridge through the vastness of the superconscious. Through his own personal language, the artist pleas for understanding and a loving relationship with the Divine Nature of the Universe.

Processional Phase (2010-13)

A deeper symbolism forms from the Artist's refinement of the objective. The distance between seemingly disparate objects as well as their communicable properties are explored. The illusory isolation of symbolic elements within the semblance of pattern is annihilated as their integration into the whole is revealed. Layers of tangential meaning develop into recursive functions of energetic color denoting the transcendental field. This process dictates the form the symbol must take. Each artwork becomes a meditative form because the creative process is a meditation. This phase ends with an exploration into the visionary power of such tightly integrated abstracted symbolism.

Intentional Phase (2013-15)


Out of revelations of the previous stages comes a knowledge of the power of intention and symbol in a purely quantum universe. Throughout his works, the artist continues to explore the symbol as vessel, reconciliation of past and future into the present, the integration of the many into the whole, and the emergence of elements, but now with the pragmatic intention of personal development. Out of the development of a personal language, the artist has developed a personal practice, giving intentional functionality to the objective artifact through the use of symbolic alchemy. The overall intention of his work, spiritual transcendence, is intrinsically embedded within the artifact through the process of consecration. The transformative properties of each work is activated through the relationship of engagement between artifact and viewer.

The Quartering of the Philosophy

Transformative Phase (2016-)

Born out of a single visionary experience during a meditation ritual, this phase marks an intense processing of the artist's transformational experiences had during the course of his Masters of Art Therapy and Counseling education at Southwestern College. Synthesizing many concepts of his past work with theories of psychological functioning and a deepening of esoteric philosophy, this phase is an evolution, a morphogenesis, rather than a marked change. The artist broadens his stylistic repertoire and familiarity with diverse media, while refining his process . The transformative phase is not include disparate artifacts, but a series of continuing investigations into the themes of harmony, self-similarity, and relationship.

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